Wunderdoktor (2017)

Ring the bell, meet the patients.
Step into the role of the Wunderdoktor, a traveling doctor whose daily work is to cure rare and exotic diseases. Explore a world full of quackery, ghosts and addictive potions.


Welcome to GHOST COIN! A tiny game about a ghost coin's journey through a world of many walls & faces.
Can you scratch your way to the legendary coin chest?
Made in 3 days by Elenor Kopka (Art & Animation) and me (Design & Programming).

In the Greenhouse (2014)

A game about exploring a place without love.
Enter this weird world, armed only with your laser of positivity, and bring back the good vibes lost long ago.
In the Greenhouse was made in 4 days for the #peaceloveandjam on Gamejolt by Philip Feller and me.

Zucchero Prime (2014)

Little gamejam thing @le_marton and me made in a couple of days.
* AAA morality system with a brainwave-based decision making engine
* Up to 5 minutes of gameplay
* Music by Acacio Ortas

UMAI! (2014)

UMAI! is a tasty sushi puzzle game.
Chain sushi together to get combos and a high score - and try to avoid the poisonous ones, they don't taste very good. The rainbow ones, however, are quite delicious.

UMAI! is now available on Android and iOS.
You can play the web-version here.

Wunderheilung [Prototype] (2014)

Wunderheilung is a game about helping people.
It’s also about burning cigarettes at extreme heat and looking beneath the surface of serious medical conditions. In Wunderheilung, things are not what they appear to be.
The game was done in 48 hours by me alone for the 29th "Ludum Dare" Gamejam.
I will continue working on this game and expand on the idea.

A Good Cup Of Tea (2014)

Come in, relax and have yourself a Goooood Cup Of Tea!
My sister and I made a little game about cups of tea. And floating hands. And googly eyed kettles. Enjoy!

Waldteufel (2014)

Waldteufel works best in Google Chrome.
Waldteufel is a game about exploring a forest and reaching its top. It's also about defeating monsters and collecting spores. I wanted to make a fast-paced action jump and run with simple gameplay and an interesting resource system. Waldteufel has been my largest and most time-intensive project so far.

During development, I learned a lot about taking a design, improving on it and polishing elements until they feel right.
Thanks a lot to my sister, Elenor Kopka, who helped me animate the characters and Gregor Müller, who helped me during countless brainstorming and design sessions.


LEAVE ME ALONE is a 2 player shrimp-action game. Grab a bomb, annoy your friends and blow them up! This game was developed by Gregor Müller (Game Design & Sound) and me (Game Design & Art) in 2 days.
We wanted to build something fun you can play with your friend and create lots of possibilities to sabotage and annoy your opponent.

Timebug (2013)

Timebug doesn't work well in Safari - please use Chrome instead.
Timebug took three days to develop and was themed around „10 Seconds“, the Ludum Dare 27 topic. We decided to use time as both resource and energy and make the game about navigating through a maze of dangerous insects and walls.
You have 10 seconds to charge the Timebug and send it on its way. Evade the other insects and trigger the timebomb to clear the stage. Graphics were done by the talented Philipp Acsany (@filip_axani), Programming was done by me.

Too Many Distractions (2013)

This game is about 'Minimalism', the Ludum Dare 26 Topic. To me - minimalism is all about reducing distractions. In Too Many Distractions you try to get your work done while all around you distractions start happening.
Work by using the keyboard (hover your mouse over it) and filling the progress bars. The more distraction is happening, the less productive your work will be. I developed Too Many Distractions by myself.

Sleight of Hand (2012)

Sleight of Hand was developed by Gregor Müller (Coding), Philip Feller (Audio) and me (Visuals) during the LD25 Jam - the topic was "You are the villain".
The art was inspired by the works of Hieronymus Bosch while the design was our take on a mechanic that would show the dynamics between stealing & distracting.

Another Grey (2011)

Another Grey is a sidescrolling, handpainted game about exploration and change. In it, you fly through forests, deserts and caves and watch the landscape transform as you bring color into the world.
This was my first game project and I learned lots of valuable lessons on developing a workflow, bringing a project from start to finish, making lots of mistakes and learning from them. Programming was done by my friend Gregor Mueller, all art was done by me.


'jolt story', 2013, 125 x 200 cm 'entropy X', 2013, 33 x 40 cm 'calibur', 2013, 115 x 155 cm 'muskrat', 2012, 25 x 30 cm 'walt', 2011, 80 x 100 cm 'ichigo', 2011, 100 x 130 cm 'entropy V', 2011, 33 x 40 cm 'entropy IV', 2011, 33 x 40 cm 'entropy III', 2011, 33 x 40 cm 'entropy I', 2011, 33 x 40 cm 'apes', 2010, 110 x 140 cm 'wheelchair', 2009, 80 x 100 cm 'panda', 2009, 150 x 200 cm 'mai', 2009, 120 x 155 cm 'hyaenen I', 2009, 100 x 80 cm 'hyaenen II', 2009, 50 x 60 cm 'hospitalbed', 2009, 100 x 120 cm



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